HOW TO GET Easily Transport to Bromo and Ijen



     From Yogyakarta easier you can using Train and you can choose where is the place to stop. You can stop in three cities are Malang, Surabaya and Mojokerto. Malang railway station is called St Malang kota baru, Surabaya railway station is called St Gubeng and St Mojokerto. 
  Yogyakarta to Malang by train 7 hour. Yogyakarta to Surabaya and Yogyakarta to Mojokerto is same, 6 hours. After staying in Yogyakarta, the last day you want to stay in Bali, You can combine of course. This trip is suitable for those who want stay in Bali. But don't miss Visit to Tumpaksewu, Bromo and Ijen first. You can combine to visit the place if interested.You can spend just 1 night in Bromo.

*{ If you want to go to Bromo and there is still time, please come to my place in Kepanjen. Get off at Kepanjen station. How to get to Kepanjen, please click my article on the left. }*

is a city where tourists stay to visit Borobudur temple. One of the largest temples in the world.

Yogyakarta - Bromo - Ijen - Bali.
(Yogyakarta - East java - Bali)

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    From Singapore or Bali take a flight to Surabaya international airport, or from Malaysia.
  Actually to reach mt Bromo is easy and flexible, whatever time you come from Surabaya or Malang, it can. Even though from Bali I will arrange it and advice you. The first thing you must specify is depart and finish (Surabaya-Bromo-Surabaya) or Surabaya - Bromo - Ijen drop Ferry. That can find out how many days it takes. You can stay overnight at Bromo or take a tour Bromo midnight. ( That are the same estimate from Surabaya or Malang ). So to be more efficient you will also need arrange a car rental.
    Whichever route and tour you take, the activities are the same to start wake up early morning and the first place they will stop is in Penanjakan view point. There are 3 places for photo spot, Love hill, Kingkong hill and last point is Penanjakan. This is where you will watch the sunrise and this is where everyone takes beautiful photos that are very famous for Bromo. 
To find out the time needed to Bromo is depending where is the place you leave and drop if you are going to Bromo from Surabaya and decide to book a hotel in Surabaya ( pick up hotel or airport ), you can join the bromo midnight tour because you get picked up from your hotel at the midnight, the driver will pick you up at the midnight directly to Bromo for sunrise.

If you arrive at the airport between 6 - 9pm, you can take the Bromo midnight tour without staying overnight But.... 
If you have plan after go to mt Bromo and go to Ijen crater, better also arrange to rent a car. 

    In three villages the entrance of Bromo (Ngadas, Wonokitri and Cemoro lawang) there are several inns that you can choose from. If you finish in Malang, you choose lodging in the village of Ngadas, if you finish the tour in Surabaya, you choose the lodging in the Cemoro lawang area.
    But if the tour continues to Ijen or to Bali the ideal trip, you have to rest and take lodging overnight in the Cemoro lawang area because it's easy to travel. Sometimes some traveller mistakenly choose the location of accommodation, they only look on the internet. There are several criteria for lodging that you can choose that are close, inexpensive and beautiful scenery. 

    In Bromo area, there are many hotels and Homestay, especially in the village of Cemoro lawang, I have many cheap lodging options, near of the location and recommendable. And also varying prices. Single bed and double bed. For the double bed stok is limited. I will give advice on choices for hotels in Bromo and Ijen, in order to get the best location. You can try to preview first of the photo and price. 
Info Hotels  click here...

3.  ENTRANCE and JEEP    
     There is an entrance ticket to go in Bromo national park.
TOURIST                                      DOMESTIC
Weekdays 220.000/person.          27,500
Weekends 320.000/person.          37,500

You take either Bromo midnight or Bromo sunrise tours you will also need booking a Jeep 4WD to going up Penanjakan.
Usually many people to go up at Penanjakan view point they need to arrange a jeep rent car. And you can choose of option short or long tour. And if they have a tour program visit mt Bromo and Ijen crater, it is better take a short tour. The price of jeeps varies depending on the jeep from Ngadas, Wonokitri or Cemoro lawang jeep, between 500K - 700K. And they will bring you only 2 places, Penanjakan and Bromo crater. For the best experience visit on weekdays, because Penanjakan for sunrice very crowded, the people was standing in front area, but there is another place to take pictures who few people and aesy.

View point Bromo

    After sunrise and takes a photo, the jeep will bring you going down to the sea of sand to the crater and drop you off the sea of sand. You can walk or ride the hours. Many local people will offer riding horses. You will pass the Temple and climb in the crater. It is an easy climb to the top. And take you back to Hotel.

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How to get Transport
Banyuwangi Airport
How to get transport
Surabaya Airport
How to get transport
St Mojokerto

St Gubeng - Surabaya

 SANCAKA   YOGYA    06.55   GUBENG 11.36 
 SANCAKA  YOGYA    06.55  MJKERTO 10.55 
 BIMA YOGYA    00.52 MALANG 08.10
 MALABAR YOGYA    00.05 MALANG 07.05
 MUTIARA. S YOGYA    01.38 MALANG 09.38

1.  Gubeng rail station to Purabaya bus station. 45 minute. By taxi.
2.   Purabaya to Probolinggo bus station, 2.30 minute by bus.
3.   Probolinggo bus station to Cemoro lawang village, 1 hour by public transportation.

From cemoro lawang village you can find some Hotel and Homestay also.
4.   Cemoro lawang to Probolinggo bus station by rent ojek / public transportation.
5.   Probolinggo bus station to port of Ketapang Banyuwangi, 6 hours by  bus.

From port of Ketapang Banyuwangi you can find some travel agent, they serve sharing transport to Ijen. Also some homestay near to the port.

1.   Near to rail station, you can find taxi and go to Malang bus station. 20 minute.
2.   Malang bus station to Probolinggo bus station by bus 2.30 minute.
3.   Probolinggo bus station to cemoro lawang village, 1 hours by public transportation.

1.   Easier you can using Private transportation.

If you are interested in Bromo and Ijen programs, 
Let's joint Zaini Transport. 
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