One of the best waterfall around the Java island, Beautiful and Majestic waterfall. It's was breathtaking. This is not your ordinary waterfall as you need to walk a lot and climb too cause the path to the waterfall was quite steep and slippery. One adventure at an impressive.
     When you arrive at the location, the path to the waterfall panoramas is not difficult to take, it's paved and clear, after walking for about 10 minutes, you will hear the roar of water. Turn the corner and it's into full view, you will see a magic place.

       You will be amazed about how a place like this exist and always wondering how the first person who discovered this waterfall felt. Here, you can choose to stay on top with panoramas or you can move down to the base.

   You still have to see the waterfall from below, there are a lot good photo spots next to the waterfall. Can get dangerous because it's rather steep and wet, watch you step because it's very slippery, you will go through stream and cross rivers to reach the base, any electronics you bring within 100 meter of the waterfall will get soaked. 
           You will get wet so we suggest wearing sturdy sandals like there are waterproof. Sandal for trekking highly recommended also bringing a plastic bag for your electronics. you will also meet a small river which adds to the challenge in achieving. Require some level of fitness because there is some steep areas.
 Early in the morning before the sun gets high is the best lighting. One the way back from Tumpak Sewu to the parking area there is a second waterfall in the same ravine that you can visit. For extra activities you will find a cave called Goa Tetes.

Tumpak Sewu waterfall

Tumpak Sewu waterfall

       Tumpak Sewu waterfall located in the border Malang and Lumajang. There is airport in Malang called Abdul Rahman Saleh. From Yogyakarta you can reach it by morning train transit in Malang and from Bali there is direct flight. From Surabaya just 4 hours by drive depend on the traffic, departure options for the tour program can depart from Surabaya or Malang. 
        I just want to emphasize this point, living and traveling in europe is very different from Indonesia. While the directions are fairly simple from the major cities to Tumpak Sewu, the trip is not. Traffic in Indonesia is not a joke. So to be efficient Distance and Time, better you can combine with Bromo and Ijen (east java Favourite destination) and it was just 3 days.
Departure from Surabaya stay in Tumpak Sewu.
Departure from Malang stay in Cemoro lawang.

This programs we have done several times. And 
All good tour plans are start from Malang. And this tour (Tumpak Sewu) ends in Malang, except the 3 day tour ends in Banyuwangi (Tumpak sewu + Bromo + Ijen). Also you can specify drop at the Harbor, Airport and Hotel in Banyuwangi (discuss).

That's why i offer this program to you.

Each traveller must bring their own trekking, Shoes, Medicine, Toilet paper and some Cash in rupiah. I can pick up from any hotels in Malang or other meeting points in Malang area.


1. TumpakSewu+Kapas biru, Colour village (1D)
    (Malang - Lumajang - Malang)
2. Tumpak Sewu + 2 Volcano.   (3D)  Click here..

1. Tumpak Sewu waterfall Lumajang 
The driver will pick you up at hotel in Malang at 5am - 6am (flexible) and driving to Tumpak sewu. It is takes about 2.45 minute depending on traffic conditions. From parking area you can walking around 400 meter to find spot panorama of waterfall and you can move down to the base and also Goa Tetes takes more less 1 hour. Take your time to observe the view.

2.  Kapas biru waterfall, Pronojiwo Lumajang.
Going back to the car, next drive 15 minute to Kapas biru waterfall, from parking area you can walking takes around 1 hour to point. Take your time and feel the atmosphere.

3.  And driver will ready to drive back to Hotel in Malang.

INFO : 500h
- There are three entrance fees at Tumpak Sewu.
- Minimum age of traveller is 5 years old.
- Choose a tourist destination and lets discuss of rate. I will give a good price.

Tumpak Sewu waterfall

Tumpak Sewu
                                                   The Info for traveller

Hai.... Tempat wisata ini berada di wilayah Lumajang yaitu berada di perbatasan antara Malang dan Lumajang, kecamatan Pronojiwo, di tempuh sekitar 2,30 menit dari Malang dengan melalui jalan nasional yang menghubungkan antara Malang dan Lumajang. Melewati jalur ini memang melewati lereng Gunung dan jurang sehingga jalurnya naik turun serta meliuk - liuk.
       Hampir 24 jam jalur ini selalu di lalui pengendara artinya jalur ini selalu ada mobil yang lewat, dan yang selalu sering dijumpai yaitu beberapa Truck mengangkut pasir untuk di salurkan ke beberapa daerah. Pasir ini memiliki kwalitas pasir yang bagus, pasir tersebut. berasal dari gunung Semeru. Selain truck ada Bus mini yang selalu lewat jalur ini karena Bus tersebut adalah Bus penumpang antar kota Malang dan Lumajang. Ada juga mobil travel jurusan Malang Lumajang yang sering juga melewati jalur ini.
        Di daerah ini banyak juga kita jumpai penjual Salak, Pisang serta buah Durian. Dan untuk mencapai Air terjun Tumpak sewu ini terdapat beberapa petunjuk arah yang jelas dan juga terdapat tulisan pada gapura masuk menuju lokasi.

Tumpak Sewu
        The Gate of Tumpak Sewu. Just 2.30h from Malang.

Tumpak sewu

Tumpak sewu
Tumpak Sewu
The route 1.

Tumpak Sewu waterfall
Rest Area and Panorama

Tumpak Sewu
Route 2

Tumpak Sewu
Route 3

Tumpak sewu

Tumpak Sewu waterfall

Tumpak sewu

Tumpak Sewu

Tumpak sewu

Tumpak Sewu

Tumpak sewu

Tumpak sewu

Tumpak sewu

Tumpak Sewu waterfall

View Semeru village

                               mt Semeru

Go down to the waterfall and watch the Video

Kapas Biru waterfall

Provide daily Transportation services 4 seat - 31 seat.

   There are alternative combinations of planned 3D Tumpak Sewu trips drop to Ketapang Harbor (Bali).

< Tumpak Sewu - Bromo - Ijen and drop to harbor >

      We will be happy to assist you as your private tour driver without a tour package OR Travellers that prefer a customized trip. All of that is flexible and manageable. And we have some good trip choice plans, Waterfall - Bromo - Ijen drop off in Ketapang harbor or airport Banyuwangi.

+62812 4978 1542.  (WA)

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